The chemtrail theory is a typical conspiracy theory or pure reality?

According to Dr. Len Horowitz, it's not a flu. His opinion is not based on conspiracy theory, but on conspiracy facts and facts. In the last 10 years Dr. Horowitz developed into America's most controversial medical authority. chemtrail grippe hast du sie schonThe university-trained medical researcher, Horowitz, 48, accuses sections of the US government of joining forces with large pharmaceutical companies to make large sections of the population sick ...

You are sick? Your nose is blocked. Your body hurts? You are sweaty, have a cough, you sneeze and do not have enough energy to get out of bed, feel weak and sleepy? That's not a flu. This is (k) a conspiracy, according to dr. Leonard Horowitz. His opinion is not based on conspiracy theories, but on conspiracy facts.

Buchtip: "Death in the Air" - Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare by Dr. med. Leonard Horowitz (ISBN: 978-0-923550)

The mainstream media report that the hospital's emergency department is overcrowded with patients suffering from a bizarre upper respiratory infection that does not look quite like a virus. They report that it is a "mysterious" flu and that the flu vaccines are ineffective. If it had been a really bacterial or viral infection, it would have caused a fever, but it did not take. It takes weeks, if not months. Congested sinuses, sinus drainage, cough, fatigue, general malaise. People felt "off."

The Research Institute of Pathology of the Armed Forces has filed a patent for the pathogenic micro-plasma that causes the epidemic. You can see the patent report in the book "Healing Codes for the Biblical Apocalypse." Micoplasma is not really a fungus, it's not really a bacterium, it's not really a virus. It has no cell wall. It penetrates deeply into the cell nuclei, making it very difficult to develop an immune response against it. It is an artificial biological weapon. The patent report explains how it leads to chronic upper respiratory tract infections that are virtually identical to what is happening.

Chemtrails destroy your immune function

In the past 10 years Dr. Horowitz America's most controversial medical authority. According to Horowitz, 48, a university-trained physician, elements of the United States government conspire with large pharmaceutical companies to make large sections of the population sick.

„ I believe the chemtrails are responsible for a public poisoning that would cause generalized immunosuppression, from low to high grade depending on exposure. Immune deficiency can make people susceptible to opportunistic infections such as this micro-plasma and other opportunistic infections. I believe that chemtrails are responsible for a chemical poisoning of the public, which could then lead to a general immune deficiency (immune suppression), more or less pronounced for each individual, depending on the exposure. Immune system dysfunction allows people to become susceptible to opportunistic infections such as mycoplasma and other opportunistic infections“

tell Dr. Horowitz.

„I first began to study chemtrails when some were spread over my home in northern Idaho. I took pictures of them and then contacted the State Environmental Protection Agency, which had no idea and referred me to the Luftwaffe. It got me in touch with the Center for Disease Control and Toxicology, and after about a week, I received a letter from one of their chief toxicologists, who said that there was some amount of ethylene dibromide in kerosene.

Ethylene dibromide is a known chemical human carcinogen that has been removed from unleaded gasoline for its carcinogenic effects. Now it is suddenly contained in jet fuel, the military aircraft emit at high altitude! The resulting from the jet fuel ethylene dibromide causes an immune dysfunction and weakening of the immune system in humans. Then we have the mycoplasma microbes or a fungus that causes a disease of the upper respiratory tract. Suddenly you develop a secondary, bacterial infection. Now, antibiotics can have a negative effect on you, causing your body chemistry to turn sour so that you get rashes and other things now, your liver is full of poisons, and it breaks through your skin; They get hypoallergenic reactions in conjunction with the other chemicals. I have colleagues in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Toronto, British Columbia, and all report the same bizarre germs from the atmosphere. What's going on is just disgusting. From now on, people are completely out of balance and infected with two, three or four microbial co-factors and poisoned by a variety of different chemicals. You then have someone who is chronically ill."


Der Spiegel writes on Thursday, 18.07.2013 15:03

Aircraft leave a lot of contrails in the sky. Are the flue gas plumes really chemical clouds, with which states fight for world domination? Insight into a popular conspiracy theory.

The chemtrail theory is a typical conspiracy theory: a secretive elite of thousands of initiates, which includes employees of German federal agencies, research institutes and numerous airlines, supposedly ensures that the "world's largest secret project" takes its course. Airplanes spray chemicals on behalf of states to change weather and climate, poison people or otherwise influence world affairs.

As evidence for the thesis apply the crowd of contrails in the sky and their often amazing shapes. "Wondering what's going on in the sky, why the sky is getting worse, why more and more people complain about chronic diseases and Alzheimer's?"

"Ghost clouds" really exist

In reality, the rapidly increasing air traffic causes more and more contrails: In humid air, the exhaust fumes of the jets can not evaporate, they remain visible as vapor streaks. High winds and moisture often fray the tracks into wide carpets. They block heat radiation from the earth, so the air under them, according to studies, a little warms up.

However, there is not a single document for a systematic secret poisoning of the air. Nevertheless, Chemtrail representatives present a large number of sky photos and also some measurement results on their websites. In no case did the claims withstand tests. It would cost only 500 euros to send on their own a weather balloon that would detect the chemical pollution of the sky, critics reckon the Chemtrail supporters.

Quotes from:  Spiegel online Blog von Axel Bojanowski

Unfortunately, the reality is not as the mirror describes it, no theory and no conspiracy theory it is the pure reality! Rosalind Peterson confirms that chemtrails / geoengineering / SRM are very real. If you are still in doubt that the lines in the sky are contrails, or that the milky haze that lasts all day will NOTHING, then you are very wrong. Watch this video:

If there are still doubts, there are other, even very well-known people who speak out about the stripes in the sky. Singer Prince interrupted an interview on US TV and started talking about chemtrails. Since it was probably a live broadcast, you could not stop this interview and it came as seen in this video:

After the day of the interview, only a few days have passed since the press announced the death of Prince. The reason was, according to the media, an overdose of tablets. Prince had a number of opioids in his possession at the time of his death, including hydrocodone. He also had a number of other sedatives like Percocet, but died of fentanyl overdose, a drug that is 100 times more effective than morphine. He has reportedly suffered from hip pain for decades due to his robust live performance. These pain killers helped him cope with the pain and still work, but they were also addictive. Prince kept his personal life out of the limelight and his circle of friends was very small, so that, like his many charitable works, it's no surprise that almost nobody seems to know about his addiction.

Since the death of Prince, a theory has come to the fore that has barely any internet message boards around the world, namely the notion that Prince was killed because he talked about the government's alleged use of sprayed chemicals to control the population Has. In particular, his testimony during an interview with Tavis Smiley in 2009 seems to explicitly state that the spray chemicals industry has caused a number of problems in the US inner cities. The close proximity of his death to the interview and several cases in the past, such as Michael Jackson, who talked about lies in the media and about the governments, Whitney Housteon who reviewed the situation in the music industry and the relationships to Satan cult, John Lennon and many more, show that there may be a connection and the Prince was just killed by medication and did not die of an overdose.

The black household


„Frank Church's 1975 congressional hearings revealed the Central Intelligence Agency's biological weapons contractors - Litton Bionetics and the Army Corp of Engineers, which developed and used various biological weapons for the local population. And all of this happens under black operations and covert operations where they receive money and the congressmen are never really informed where this money is going. It's the black budget“

, says Dr. Horowitz.

„And in the contemporary war arena, where biochemical chemical warfare experts gather and discuss the possibilities that are ideal today for conducting a war to really eliminate an enemy, you do not want to kill people. They want to produce people who are chronically ill, dependent on the state, and fully exploiting the country's resources. And then you can move in with your military-medical-industrial complex and your international medical-pharmaceutical cartel. Then sell all the drugs and chemicals needed to maintain a healthy function to these defeated countries. They are completely exhausted. You can not put together a military. They create dependency and thereby weaken the population, and weakened populations are easy to control. So you have control of the population, making a fortune instead of just blowing up a nuclear weapon and destroying the infrastructure you have. You and your colleagues own this infrastructure. They want to get rid of the people. They do not want to get rid of the infrastructure. “ 


Who is responsible ?


„What I'm referring to now is speculation. If you read the analysis of the top military warfare experts, including the Iron Mountain Report, then the Rockefeller family is one of the key players in the conspiracy. You are one of the major players in the world genocide, reducing people. That's no secret anymore.“


So you have control of the population, making a fortune instead of just blowing up a nuclear weapon and destroying the infrastructure you have. You and your colleagues own this infrastructure. They want to get rid of the people. They do not want to get rid of the infrastructure. When you examine who owns the chemtrail fuel, who are the directors of the fuel company, you suddenly enter the realm of the Rockefeller family and the royal families - Standard Oil and British Petroleum. And what are your other goals? Suddenly, you see their documents showing that historically they have funded eugenics, racial hygiene, genocide, depopulation, family planning, maternal and child health - where they make and distribute vaccines and contaminated blood products. These are the bankers, the same people who run the blood banking and money-banking business.


„I'm referring to a great book by Dr. John Coleman, who has worked as a top-level British intelligence agent. And he articulated very clearly who was leading these companies. Ultimately, everything goes back to the highest level of the royal family. The Rothschild family, the Rockefeller money, and the entire Rockefeller establishment are based on Rothschild money and royal families. If you can not explain it rationally or otherwise, you must begin to consider conspiracy theories and eliminate the negative connotation you have given to conspiracy theories that have been demonized along with holistic medicine.“ 

, says Dr. Horowitz.

The ruling criminal families make a great fortune out of the suffering of humanity. The Rockefellers monopolized American medicine in the 1920s. Together with IG Farben, Germany's leading industrial organization, they owned a worldwide monopoly for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Rockefellers and IG Farben worked together before the Second World War and during the Second World War. The Rockefellers and the IG Farben were practically the Third Reich. Who else is involved? The pharmaceutical company Merck. Its President George W. Merck was the director of the American bioweapons industry during the Second World War. He was personally appointed by President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Stimson.

The Nazis planned for the New World Order. They even had a term for it: "new order", which means "New Order" - ie new world order. This today, this New World Order, is the rise of the Fourth Reich. That's exactly what they imagined and then implemented worldwide. The goal of the Fourth Reich is population control and genocide. 99.99 percent of masons have no idea what they really want at the highest level. They give you more knowledge in every higher degree of Freemasonry. If you get past the 33rd degree, you will receive the highest instruction on what is called the ancient Arcana, the ancient sacred knowledge described in the book "Healing Codes of the Biblical Apocalypse." There, the devil drivers who rule this planet nest. How does a person become so high in the Masonic organization? Through bloodlines. You must be an important personality, an important personality, ideally a descendant, or you must be someone very close to the royal personality, the most important bloodlines.


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